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Be noisy in the right place!

Aggiornamento: 7 ott 2022

I have always found that August is the perfect month for reflection. As I am working on the website, thinking about the courses and the support I can offer in this new venture of mine, I have come across a number of surprisingly interesting inspirational quotes I have been collecting over the years.

I am really not a fan of these kind of quotes, I often find them a little soppy, but the ones I took the time to write down resonated with me because they mostly came from my management, leadership and business studies. So, as I am sifting through pages of notes, words such as authenticity, storytelling and identity keep dancing in my head.

You need to know that I have always enjoyed a bit of writing and jumping on bandwagons is really not in my DNA. Needless to say, the way social media are standardising formats, messages and style of delivery has made me think about what I want from hybrid-t and how I can reach out to you.

In my last job I used to email my team with a weekly roundup of good news: small and big victories, progress on projects we had been working on, upcoming birthdays, just any opportunity to remind ourselves that there is always something to celebrate.

This week I am reminding myself that hybrid-t was a tiny idea of mine that is finally taking shape and that I don't need to be unneccessarily noisy about it, I just need to be noisy in the right place!

Un po' di aiuto - key words:

Be noisy in the right place! = fare rumore nel posto giusto, dove serve

venture of mine = la mia nuova avventura

I often find them a little soppy = li trovo spesso un pò stucchevoli

resonated with me = hanno sollevato il mio interesse

sifting through = scartabellando

keep dancing in my head = continuano ad occuparmi la mente

jumping on bandwagons = seguire le mode del momento

style of delivery = stile con cui ci si presenta

reach out to you = comunicare con voi, raggiungervi

weekly roundup = resoconto settimanale

upcoming birthdays = compleanni imminenti

taking shape = prendendo forma


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