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"Cuppa, anyone?"

Aggiornamento: 22 dic 2022

Starting a new job is always a stressful experience, more so if you need to walk into the workplace and introduce yourself to new colleagues in a language that is not your native one. Whilst some people are able to overcome their natural shyness or manage nerves by becoming utterly charming, others, inevitably, struggle a little.

My experience has taught me, however, that although it is scientifically proven that people form an opinion in the first few seconds of meeting someone, your new colleagues are probably very happy to welcome you in the workplace as they really cannot wait to share the load!

In the UK it is common practice to start with a soft approach, generally consisting of a walk about with your line manager. After being shown around for the customary tour of the premises and a brief welcome chat with your main colleagues (you do need to prepare in advance for some small talk here!), the day is then spent sitting at your desk going through myriads of policies, agreements, code of conducts and dress codes. This is punctuated by the regular appearance of someone from IT who, in the attempt of logging you in and giving you access to all the systems you need to use, will also totally confuse you and make you feel rather stupid.

Nothing to worry about though; if you happen to work with British colleagues, everything will pretty much be forgotten by day 2 as you will surely be thrown in at the deep end, cajoled by the continuous offers of a cup of tea. In this case, if you really want to be liked, apply this golden rule: when the going gets tough sigh loudly and with a big smile on your face just ask, "cuppa, anyone?".

Un po' di aiuto - keywords

overcome their natural shyness = superare la timidezza istintiva

manage nerves = gestire l'ansietà

utterly charming = estremamente piacevoli/simpatici

struggle a little = fanno un po' di fatica

share the load = condividere il carico di lavoro

common practice = pratica comune

soft approach = approccio/(insediamento) dolce; NB: il processo di inserimento in azienda si chiama 'induction'.

walk about = passeggiata

line manager = superiore/capo

customary tour of the premises = il consueto giro dello stabile

small talk = conversazione spicciola

myriads of policies, agreements, code of conducts and dress codes = una miriade di Policies, accordi, codici di condotta e tenute standard.

punctuated = interrotto

all the systems = tutti i sistemi informatici/programmi

if you happen to work = se vi capita di star lavorando

pretty much = practicamente

thrown in at the deep end = messo subito alle prese (fig. gettato in pasto ai leoni)

cajoled = convinti/incentivati

golden rule = regola d'oro

when the going gets tough = quando il gioco si fa duro

sigh loudly = sospira rumorosamente

cuppa, anyone? = chi vuole una tazza di té?


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