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Start with Why

Aggiornamento: 8 set 2022

If you are not familiar with the work of Simon Sinek, you need to know that he is probably one of the most charismatic writers and motivational speakers out there. The title of one of his books has inspired me to write this blog as I have been thinking a lot about MY 'why' lately!

"... but ...why?" has actually been a recurrent question since I moved back to Italy. I can actually hear you right now asking: "why did you leave your secure job in the UK?" or even "why did you decide to come back at all?" Well, I could bore you for hours on concepts of belonging and middle-age longing for adventure so I will not. The reason why I decided to go solo and create hybrid-t, working crazy hours to get my project off the ground, constantly asking myself how to make a real success story of it, is, however, quite simple.

For many years, whilst working in the UK, I wished I could call onto someone who could tell me how to prepare a better CV in English, how to approach a job interview and, first and foremost, how to gain the technical vocabulary I needed to explain what I could actually do and offer. "How do you say rateo in English??" I remember asking myself once... never mind talking about it!

Nowadays, you don't even have to move abroad to need this help. Most Italian jobs advertised on LinkedIn are written in English and upskilling is an essential requirement if you want a promotion of any kind. So, having been in this situation myself and having met lots of fellow Italians struggling with the same problem I decided that enough was enough.

Putting my skills and expertise at the service of a new generation of ambitious, professional and curious people is what drives my motivation right now. THIS is my 'why', what is yours?

Un po' di aiuto - key words

recurrent question = una domanda frequente/ricorrente

right now = in questo istante/proprio ora

at all = in questo caso usato come rafforzativo, aggiungendo enfasi allo stupore

could bore you for hours = vi potrei tediare per ore

belonging = senso di appartenenza

middle-age longing for adventure = desiderio di cambiamento durante la mezza età

go solo = nel senso di 'creare qualcosa in piena autonomia'

off the ground = fare decollare

success story = riuscire a creare qualcosa di successo

I wished I could call onto someone = avrei voluto poter contattare qualcuno

first and foremost = innanzitutto

rateo = in inglese si dice 'accrual' ed ho dovuto impararlo a mie spese!

never mind talking about it! = senza contare il fatto di doverne parlare

upskilling = migliorare le proprie competenze

enough was enough = fosse ora di dire basta

drives my motivation = la motivazione che mi spinge


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